By air

Flights to Abuja will land at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (ABV), from where travellers can use airport cabs, rental taxis, buses, private transfers or a private rental car to get to Abuja. The city centre is located about 35 minutes from the airport.


Going around Abuja City

The most convenient way to move around Abuja is by taxi. Taxis in Abuja are relatively safe and easy to use. There are two types: government sponsored and private. The government-sponsored taxis are green with white stripes. Private taxis can be any type of saloon car.

The LOC would also organize buses to transport delegates to and from designated hotels at regular predetermined times.


Field Excursion

The LOC is organizing field excursions to outstanding geosites around the Abuja and Keffi areas, providing excellent opportunities for performing risk assessment on one hand, and geoconservation studies, on the other.