Name of Distinguished Key Speaker Institution/Contact Speciality Lecture Theme
1 Hon. Dr. John Kayode Fayemi Governor, Ekiti State, Nigeria; Kayode Fayemi@kfayemi (Twitter) Mines and Solid Minerals Introduction
2 Hon. Abubakar Bawa Bwari Minister of State, Ministry of Mines and Steel Development. bawabwari@yahoo.com; abubakar.bawa-bwari@minesandsteel.gov.ng; +234-805-550-0550 Mines and Solid Minerals Introduction
3 Prof. Benjamin C. Ozumba Vice Chancellor, UNN. benjamin.ozumba@unn.edu.ng; +234-806-081-9600 Medicine Introduction
4 Prof. James Ogbonna Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), UNN. james.ogbonna@unn.edu.ng; +2348037136810 Biotechnology


5 Prof. Charles Arizechukwu Igwe Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration), UNN. ilfred.igwe@unn.edu.ng; +2348035408495


Soil Science Introduction
6 Prof. Joshua Umeifekwem Faculty of Education, UNN. joshua.umeifekwem@unn.edu.ng; je_umeifekwem@yahoo.com; +2348065193743; +2348082255115 Human Kinetics/Health Education Fitness and Medical Considerations
7 Dr. Alex Ndubuisi Nwegbu Director General, Nigerian Geological Survey Agency. Alexander.nwegbu@ngsa-nig.org; ndunwegbu@yahoo.com; +234-803-410-7441 Geology Introduction
8 Dr. Andreas Meissner Head of Business Development and Security, Fraunhofer IFOB, Germany. Andreas.Meissner@iosb.fraunhofer.de; +49 721 6091 402;
Mobile: +49 170 1882285
Occupational Health and Safety The Risk Management Process
9 Prof. Henry Akinsola Formerly, University of Venda, South Africa. henry.akinsola2003@yahoo.com; +2348153711367 Public Health Common Illnesses/Fitness and Medical Considerations
10 Dr. Ani Cassimir University of Nigeria, Nsukka , Ethics Department, Vice Chancellor’s Office, UNN. casimir.ani@unn.edu.ng; info-@granfo.org; +2347030634482 Ethics Geoethics in Fieldwork Situations
11 Prof. Krys Edafetano Ashano Department of Geology and Mining, University of Jos. ashanok10@gmail.com; ashanokrys@yahoo.com; +2349066117189 Field Geology/Geochemistry Fieldwork Leaders: Roles and Responsibilities
12 Prof. T.C. Davies Department of Geology, UNN. theo.clavellpr3@gmail.com; +2349066117189 Medical Geology A Code for Geoscientific Fieldwork in Nigeria/Africa
13 Dr. Ani Donatus Chinedu Department of Physics, ABU, Zaria. bedrock969@yahoo.com ; c/o Dr. Cassimir of UNN: +2347030634482 Geophysics Safe Use of Geophysical Field Equipment: Ergonomics of Drilling and Geophysical Surveying“
14 Prof. Siyan Malomo Department of Geology, Federal University of Technology, Akure. smalomo@gmail.com; smalomo@futa.edu.ng; +2348035785434 Engineering Geology Fieldwork Leaders: Roles and Responsibilities
15 Prof. M.A.O. Rahaman Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ife.



Field Geology Roles and Responsibilities of Fieldwork Leaders
16 Prof. Maria Nwosu Department of Plant Science, UNN. oby2045@yahoo.com; +2348061578097 Plant Taxonomy and Biosystematics Poisonous Plants
17 Prof.  Wilfred Mode Department of Geology, UNN ilfred.mode@unn.edu.ng;



Petroleum Geology Fieldwork Preparation
18 Dr. Gregory Odo
Department of Zoology, UNN.

gregory.odo@unn.edu.ng; +2347037205640

Entomology/Parasitology Encounters With Wild Fauna
19 Prof. Mosto Onuoha Department of Geology, UNN,
mosto.onuoha@gmail.com; +2348037793610;  +2348037793601
Petroleum Geology Health and Safety Issues in Oil and Gas Exploration and Drilling
20 Prof. Okey Ogu Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. oc.ogu-@uizik.edu.ng; +2348054731395 Human Kinetics/Health Education Administering First Aid in Field Situations
21 Dr. Solomon Onwuka Head, Department of Geology, UNN. solomon.onwuka@gmail.com; +2348062171464 Environmental Geology Student Comportment and the University’s Duty of Care
22 Prof. Edith Nwosu DVC, Enugu Campus; Faculty of Law, UNN; edith.nwosu@unn.edu.ng; +234-803-341-4660 Law of Energy and Natural Resources, Company Law, etc. Legislations, Duty of Care, Indemnity: University out-of-campus assignments
23 Prof. Egodi Uchendu History and International Relations, UNN, egodi.uchendu@unn.edu.ng; +2348039617898 History Roles and Responsibilities of Fieldwork Participants
24 Prof. Eno-Abasi Urua University of Uyo Anemandinyene@yahoo.com; +2348023147078 Linguist Gender, Ethics and Fieldwork Relations
25 Prof. Gbenga Okunlola University of Ibadan; gbengaokunlola@yahoo.co.uk


Geologist Geology Fieldwork Orientation
26 Dr. Lambert Aikhiobare CEO, Ehimade Nigeria Ltd.; Coordinator, Exxon Mobil University Partnering Field Mapping Project; dlamberta@aol.com; +234-802-778-9774 Field Geologist Preparation for Fieldwork
27 Hon. Dr. Abdulkadir Muazu The Honourable Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Mines and Steel Development (MMSD); amuazu@yahoo.com

Tel.: +234-9-523-9064; +2348055170133

Diplomat Introduction
28 Prof. Uchechukwu Chris Okoro


Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences

University of Nigeria, Nsukka;

Email: uchechukwu.okoro@unn.edu.ng

Tel.: +2348038995403; +2347059643502; +2347081474361

Industrial Chemistry Introduction
29 Prof. Silas Dada President, Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society; Email: sisudada@gmail.com; sundedada@gmail.com; +234-80-335-988-28 Field Geology/Geologic Mapping Introduction
30 Mr. Dateer Dayi Damulak dayidamy@gmail.com;


MMSD Representative Project Monitoring


*Follow-up To Be Done By Appointees Delegated At LOC Meeting of September 28, 2018