It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join this International Fieldwork Conference at the University of Nigeria from 06 – 09 November, 2018 on the Theme: ‘A Code for Geoscientific Fieldwork in Nigeria and Africa: Guidelines on Health and Safety Issues in Mapping, Mineral Exploration, Geoecological Research and Geotourism’.
The scientific committee is preparing the programme with great care to provide a world-class scientific and interactive programme of lectures and tutorials to make this event an educative and memorable one by complementing up-to-date knowledge and research on the safe conduct of geoscientific and geoecological fieldwork; with exciting workshops presented by a galaxy of eminent national and international speakers. We have collaborations and partnerships with various geoscientific and ecological institutions.

In addition to practical aspects of routine health and safety measures in field campaigns, it is also very important to remain in touch with the latest advances in ergonomics and innovations in design of fieldwork safety gear, and exchange ideas with the assembled national and international eminent speakers and researchers on environmental risk assessment.
The Conference venue, the Princess Alexandria Auditorium is located at the main campus of the University of Nigeria, which is located on 871 hectares of hilly savannah in the town of Nsukka, about 80 km north of Enugu, the State Capital. Nsukka enjoys a very pleasant and healthy climate. You will have the opportunity to enjoy many other attractions in and around Nsukka and Enugu, besides the Conference.
Dear prospective delegates and participants, we strongly encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunity to attend this ‘Fieldwork Conference 2018’.
On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee, I extend a very warm hand of welcome, and promise you a comfortable stay, great scientific content and pleasant memories to take home.
Come and enjoy this big, unique pedagogical fieldwork event of our specialty, full of enriching moments with our students, colleagues, mining professionals, nature conservationists and geotourists; and also treat yourself to this charming and hospitable university environment!
With warm regards,
Prof. T.C. Davies (Conference Chair)
On Behalf of the Local Organizing Committee